Vessim is a versatile co-simulation testbed for carbon-aware applications and systems which connects domain-specific simulators for renewable power generation and energy storage with real software and hardware.

Vessim Overview

What can I do with Vessim?#

Vessim simulates energy systems that interact with real or simulated computing systems for:

  • Carbon-aware applications: Simulated microgrids offer real-time visibility and control via APIs, enabling the development of novel applications that interact with their energy system.

  • Energy system composition: Examine how the integration of solar panels, wind energy, or batteries would affect the energy mix of your datacenters.

  • Digital Twins: Predict future system states in carbon-aware datacenters, aid decision-making, and assess risks during extreme events like power outages.

  • Quality Assurance: Apply Vessim in continuous integrating testing or use it to validate software roll-outs in a controlled environment.

Vessim is based on Mosaik, a general-purpose co-simulation framework. It can simulate large numbers of microgrids in parallel, comes with ready-to-use datasets, can execute simulated experiments faster than real-time, and is easily extendable with new simulators of any platform through Mosaik’s TCP interface.


You can install our latest release via pip:

pip install vessim

If you require software-in-the-loop (SiL) capabilities, you can install the sil` extra:

pip install vessim[sil]

For complex scenarios that involve custom co-simulation actors we recommend cloning and editing this depository directly.